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Reason For Livos

Three persons, just having graduated from University were confronted with the fact, that others than furniture finishes, there were absolutely no non-poisonous finishes for the living environment surrounding children.

Tadalafil can be the non-trade name and it really is a really good gemochte oral therapy anywhere in the world. Unwilling to accept this, they founded a small laboratory, looked up and collected old natural recipes from centuries past, and tested these with currently available raw materials.

The results of their labor was tested in a grade school and supervised by one of the founders, a school teacher.

For your convenience, here is a list of products tested by Independent Institutes as, DIN EN, Part 3 certified as suitable for toys.

No. 210 LANON Toy Finish TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 12/1990
No. 261 DUBNO Priming Oil TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 11/1988
No. 265 MELDOS Natural Resin Hardening Oil, for the Allergy prone
TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 02/1993
No.266 ARDVOS Wood Oil FMPA, Baden-Würtenberg 02/1992
No.270 KALDET Wood Stain ARGUK, Oberursel 08/1989
No. 297 DARIX Furniture Stain TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 09/1991
No. 312 BEKOS Furniture Polish TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 01/1993
No. 375 BIVOS Oil Wax TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 06/1992 No. 690 CANTO Natural Oil Paint TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 02/1995
No. 904 SALIS Finger Paint Set TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 02/1995
No. 905 SALIS Finger Paint TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 02/1995
No. 1012 BELJA Textile Paints TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 02/1995
No. 1090 VIDA-Natural Make-Up TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 02/1994
No. 1091 VIDA-Natural Make-Up TÜV- Rheinland, Köln 02/1994

Best suited for use in childrens' living environment are our no or low VOC products listed under VOC`s.

Thank you for your consideration